How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

It is not an easy task to recover disabled Facebook account. I am going to tell you the solution to Recover Disabled Facebook Account. All you need to do is, just fill Appeal-ID Request Form by Facebook and wait for their reply. Recently they had also created Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form which can help users whose account was disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Nowadays Facebook has increased their security due to which lots of Fake accounts are getting disabled in huge quantity. People who are using fake names on their account started losing their accounts without any warning. Whenever this happens with somebody’s account, he/she starts searching on the internet for the method to reopen disabled Facebook account. We will share all about this topic in this article and the possible ways to get your account back.

Facebook is one of the most popular Social Networking websites in the world. Sometimes, they disable our Facebook account. The reasons are many!! In this case, we start searching for How to open disabled Facebook account?. If you are facing the same, here is the step-by-step guide to reactivate disabled Facebook account. Yeah!!, just doing disabled account appeal-id request, you will get your account back.

“My personal account was disabled“, is the most irritated page, sometimes Facebook shows us. Nowadays, there are lots of Facebook account are disabled. And people started searching on Google for, how to open disabled facebook account. After searching for it, we found one and only one method to recover disabled fb account that is disabled account appeal-id request. Just, appeal and wait to recover disabled Facebook account.

If same happened to you, don’t worry. We are here! In this article, we will share everything on the topic: How to reactivate disabled Facebook account. If your ID is too old, then it’s very important for you to get it back. So, all you have to do is, just follow this guide carefully.


How To Open Disabled Facebook Account?

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Some people think that their profile is permanently disabled, but actually, their account is just Temporarily disabled for any Security purpose. So, first of all, let me the clear difference between these two situations. If your account is Temporary Disabled, then whenever you try to Login it shows that your account is Disabled. You can easily open your disabled Facebook account back in this condition, by the method we are describing below.

Here is how it looks like when your Facebook account is Temporarily disabled:

If your account also looks same, when you try to Login. It means your account got disabled. Now, to recover Disable Facebook account, you have to follow few steps which I am describing in below section.

Here are some reasons which lock your Facebook account:

  • Using Of Fake Name
  • Using Stylish Fonts In Your Account Name
  • Posting Content That Violated Facebook Terms & Conditions

In another case, if your account is Permanently disabled, it will show you that your account is Permanently Disabled. In this situation, you will never get your account back. I hope now your all questions are cleared like Facebook account disabled fake name, Facebook account disabled for no reason and all. Well, according to me, the main reason behind this is using a Stylish and Fake name. So, always avoid using other names on your FB account. Also, check How to Verify Facebook Page.

If your account is just Disabled temporarily, then you don’t have to worry about it. Let me explain step by step process to recover the disabled Facebook account.

How to Re-open Disabled Facebook ID?

1) Open this Link in your Browser:-

Disabled Account Appeal

2) Now enter your registered Email, Original Name which you used on the account and attach a Valid original Govt. ID Proof with same Name & DOB on it.

Here is what types of Govt. Proofs Facebook supports:

  • Green Card, Residence Permit or Immigration Papers
  • Birth Certificate
  • Voter ID Card
  • Personal or Vehicle Insurance Card
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Official Name Change Paperwork

If you are below 18 and don’t have any ID from these, you can upload this one also:

  • Credit card
  • Utility bill
  • School or work ID
  • Library card
  • Check
  • Bus card

3) Here is how this “Facebook disabled account appeal form” looks like:

4) Now, Enter all the necessary details correctly in the form and at last, click on Send button.

5) It will successfully Submit your form for Review and show you the message like this:

Now, you Form is successfully submitted. Facebook will review your appeal and reply to you within 4-5 days. It isn’t sure, your account will open by this process. If your Profile looks Legal and there is nothing which violates Facebook Terms, then I am sure, your account will open easily. This is How to enable disabled Facebook account.

Well, no matter we all need our account back in any condition so don’t wait for anything and open all of your disabled accounts using this Form. Finally, I succeed in finding the 100% working solution to open disabled Facebook account. Let you know about old method.

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account? (Expired)

This was Regain Access Form which worked only for 4-5 days. But, I personally tested it and successfully opened my 5 years old disable Facebook accounts. Then I shared this method instantly here, maybe some people used it and got their account back. Unfortunately, it is no more working! Actually, it was Facebook Bug due to which anybody can open any disabled account just by entering registered email ID and name. Well, still, there is a hope so you can try above shared method.

1) Just open the below-given Form in your browser to regain access to your Facebook account.

2) Enter your disabled account Email, Name and enter something in the box like “My account was Disable for No reason”.

3) Click on “Send” button.

4) Done, now, wait for 10 seconds and try to open your Facebook account.

If still, you are unable for getting your account back then try out on given form. This also works for some accounts to open Security Disable accounts.

Security Disable

After opening the above-given link, enter the details asked in the Form and at last, click on Send button. That’s all you need to do to get your account back. Now, enjoy!

What you will get that your account is successfully Opened. Actually, I have found this Link recently then I tried it on my 7 years old Disabled account. After 10 seconds I got shocked when my account was opened in this short period. Maybe, soon Facebook will block this Form because according to me, it is a Bug in their system that’s why accounts are opening within seconds without any checking.

Next, the question appears in your mind is: How I Get Facebook Reply? The answer is simple, just check your email (Which you entered in the appeal from) in short time. You will receive Facebook’s reply in the mail and then will make you Sure, your account will open or not.

Facebook has recently also created a new form which is Facebook Disabled Ineligible Form for those whose account was disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.  If there is any other reason then this form will not work for you. In that case, go for main steps which are provided below. Here is the link to this form:

Facebook Disabled- Ineligible

Also remember, don’t try to send Appeal again and again. Your account will never get open if you Spam on Facebook. Just Submit your Account once, and wait for their reply. If all seems Good, you will get your account back. Also, check out How to Change Facebook Account Name Before 3 Months.

Most Important Advice: Some people try to open their account with Fake Govt. ID’s, but never forgot. It’s Facebook, not such a little site. You can’t make it fool. And Fake Proofs looks clear. Your account will get disabled permanently if Facebook founds, you are trying to Submit Fake ID. SO, never tries to cheat Facebook. Just submit Original ID and wait for Facebook’s reply.

You can describe additional info regarding your Account, in “Additional info” box in the form.

I found a Video on Youtube, which follows the same and perfect procedure of my Guide, so if you want to check all the steps in front of your eyes, must have a look at this video!!

Video Tutorial: How to Reactivate Disabled Facebook Account


So, this is the only way to recover disabled Facebook account within a day. All you need is real Govt. ID proof from which I listed in above steps and Submit your Proof with Disabled Account Appeal-ID Request Facebook form and wait for their reply. I hope, you will get your account back by this process. Else, there is no other option available to open a disabled Facebook account. Well, don’ worry, In most of the cases, people get their disabled Facebook account back but only and only id everything is with you. Your account should have all correct details about you. If you are using a fake name or something then forget your account. So try your luck.

If you have any question or query regarding this guide, feel free to comment below, I will surely help you to recover disabled Facebook account!!I kindly request you to don’t comment that Sir Open my account please or something because I don’t work on Facebook, I am a normal person like you. It’s my duty to share possible ways to get your disabled account back so I shared all of them with an easy explanation.

I have also shared Facebook Disabled – Ineligible form method which will help you to get your account back easily. But make sure that it will only for those whose account got disabled for violating Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If your account was doing any suspicious activity then forget your account or try my another method which is shared in above section. You just have to upload any Identity Proof which should exactly match your profile details. Hope this tutorial has helped you a lot. Now you are ready to recover Disabled Facebook account.

GBWhatsapp Apk Download Latest Version 6.40 (Updated 2018)

Bored of using simple whatsapp ? wanna try some tweaks with whastapp ? Here is something special for you all ! Today in this lovely morning we are going to share with you all about the latest Whatsapp Mod popularly known as Gbwhatsapp. We have added almost each and every detailed piece of information about Gbwhatsapp apk in this article. Must read the complete article to gain some knowledge about this whatsapp mod.


Here Is The Latest Version Of (GbWhatsApp) That Is Released On 5 April 2018 😀

Most of us have heard about this mod of whatsapp. This mod is very popular mod developed till date. The main reason for its popularity is its amazing features. Almost all of us use whatsapp messenger whether you are an Android user or iOS user. Whatsapp is the most common and best social messenger application with more than 1 billion downloads on the playstore. Now you get an idea about How popular whatsapp is !

No one is perfect in this world, everyone have some limitations ! Similarly, Whatsapp messenger is also not 100 % perfect. There are few problems with whatsapp too. We will discuss about these problem later on in this post.

To remove the limitations of any application, Different mods are developed in the Android world. Whatsapp also has 100’s of Mods developed and available in the apk market. Let me share some of the name Modded whatsapp apk !

GBWhatsApp Apk Download

Features of Whatsapp Messenger

#1 Free Calling

Whatsapp provide you with the feature of calling. Yeah ! You can use whatsapp for voice calling as well as video calling. All you need is just a working internet connection. Not only this, You are also free to make international call irrespective of location. Interesting Na ?

#2 Media Sharing

Using Whatsapp Messenger you can also share media files with your friends and loved ones. Whatsapp provide you with the feature to share images, video, gifs, documents etc with one another. This feature really works when you are away from your friend and you want to share some important document with them. At that time you can use whatsapp messenger for file sharing.

#3 Free Service

You don’t have to pay a single penny to use whatsapp in your phone or whatsapp in pc. Whatsapp messenger is freely available on playstore. You have to just download the application and you are done ! Hola ! Enjoy whatsapp for sharing and chatting

#4 Chat in Groups

You can use Group Chat feature in whatsapp to chat with your friends circles. These groups are really helpful in sharing important piece of information to a large group. You can create Whatsapp group and add atleast 255 members in a single group.

#5 Whatsapp web

You can also use whatsapp in your pc/laptop. No i am not talking about any third party application like bluestack or any other emulator. Whatsapp allow you to use whatsapp messenger in your pc using Whatsapp web. To use this feature, you have to open in your pc browser and you have to scan your whatsapp QR Code. That’s all ! Enjoy whatsapp in your pc.

Now you guys are little bit aware about the feature of simple whatsapp messenger.\

Gbwhatsapp 2018 Latest Version [Features]

Gbwhatsapp is loaded with tons of amazing features which makes it most popular among all whatsapp MOD. Gbwhatsapp is enriched with amazing and unique features. All those features which are limited in simple whatsapp messenger are present in GbWhatsApp which are free to use. Gbwhatsapp contains all features of Whatsapp messenger additionally it comes with some unique features like a hiding blue tick, hiding last seen, downloading other status etc. If someone ask me which has quality features among all Whatsapp MOD then my answer would be Gbwhatsapp. Yes ! It’s a technical truth. No one can beat Gbwhatsapp MOD when it comes to feature comparison. All other Whatsapp MOD are good but this Whatsapp GB is best. I really love to use Gbwhatsapp and i also want to say that you can’t stop yourself from downloading this best and unique Whatsapp Modded Apk.

Lets Discuss some highlighted features of GBWhatsapp !

#1 Dual Whatsapp Account


Ever think of using two whatsapl account in a single phone ? I know many of us don’t aware about the trick to use dual whatsapp account in a single phone. No worries ! we are here with an amazing app which provide us with feature to use double Whatsapp account in a single phone. Gbwhatsapp allows you to use two whatsapp account in a single phone.

Your first whatsapp could be your simple whatsapp messenger and with that you can also download Gbwhatsapp. That’s all you are using dual whatsapp. Just sign up with different Mobile Number while registering in Gbwhatsapp. I really love this feature. Personally, I m using one one whatsapp for my office work and other one i.e Gb Whatsapp is using for personal family and friends.

#2 Privacy in Whatsapp


Privacy is most important these days whether you are using any app. Privacy is the main concern realated to whastapp. Honestly speaking, Whatsapp Messenger does have high level privacy when it comes to data hiding. There are not any security inside the app for contact privacy and safety. Either you have to use any additional application like app lock etc for your chat protection.

But why use any third party application when the safety is inbuilt in whatsapp. Ahh… I m not talking about simple whatsapp messenger. Here we are discussing about Whatsapp GB. GB Whatsapp apk is enriched with privacy and security features. We must recommend you to download Gbwhatsapp if you want to be more secure..!

#3 Themes and Wallpaper


Best graphic of any application attract more visitors and Gbwhatsapp developer took it very seriously. I mean to say that Gbwhatsapp developer has added premium graphics in the app. You will find lots of beautiful wallpapers and themes inside the app menu.

Set your whatsapp wallpaper according to your choice and mood. All whatsapp premium themes will be added in Gbwhatsapp for free. You don’t need to pay a single penny to buy any Whatsapp theme. Just download the latest version of Gbwhatsapp in your phone and you are ready to rock.

#4 Auto Send Message


Here comes the most interesting and amazing features ! Message scheduling, I really love this feature of Gbwhatsapp. You will not find this feature in simple whatsapp messenger. This feature allows you to automatically send message to your contacts. You have to just schedule the message which you want to send to your contact and all other functions are being performed by the whatsapp gb.

Same feature is introduced in whatsapp business application. Whatsapp is now rolling out this amazing features in simple Whatsapp messenger also within few months. If you want to enjoy the message scheduling features right now then scroll down the page to download the Gbwhatsapp 6.25 version apk. Go ahead and download the app now..!!

#5 Modded features

Gbwhatsapp is popular just because of its modded features. Otherwise, No one use Gbwhatsapp, everyone would download simple whatsapp messenger. This modded version of whatsapp is stuffed with amazing and unique features which makes this app special one.

Let me share some of the modded features of Gbwhatsapp. New emojis are introduced in Gbwhatsapp latest version apk. Not only this it also support 24/7 online feature. You can also download other WhatsApp status with a single click. It also allows you to copy text within a message. New security and privacy features are added in Gbwhatsapp apk version 6.25 for Android.

Download Gbwhatsapp Apk latest version for Android

I know you guys have landed at this page in search of Gbwhatsapp Apk Download link.

This time you are landed at right place ! Here in this post we have added the Gbwhatsapp 6.0 Download Link. You have to just hit the Gbwhatsapp Apk Download button to enjoy all the premium features of Gbwhatsapp.

Many of the sites claim that they have added the Download Link Of Whatsapp Gb Apk. But the bitter part is that they they have hidden the latest version Gbwhatsapp Apk Download button in between the fake pop ups. I have seen in few of the sites that they have added the link of fake website on Gbwhatsapp apk link. That’s really frustrating !

Now you don’t need to worry about this issue as we have shared the download link of Gbwhatsapp Apk 2018 version file in this post. Scroll down the page to download Gbwhatsapp Apk latest version 6.25. We don’t have added any fake pop ups and mallicious links.

We must recommend you to download Gbwhatsapp Apk from our site. Our download link is free from virus and other mallicious link.

Here are the few version of Gbwhatsapp available in the apk market. We have listed all the Gbwhatsapp version download link below. If you want to use any old version of Gbwhatsapp then you can easily download from below link.

Gbwhatsapp Apk Version

  • Gbwhatsapp 6.45 apk
  • Gbwhatsapp v6.40 apk
  • Gbwhatsapp v6.20 apk
  • Gbwhatsapp 5.50 apk
  • Gbwhatsapp 3.20 apk
  • Gbwhatsapp 2018 apk latest version

Download Gbwhatsapp Apk version of your own choice. We have added all the version download link in this post. Or if you want to download Gbwhatsapp apk for Android [ 2018 ], then scroll down a bit.

Why would you use choose Gbwhatsapp over simple Whatsapp Messenger ?

Gbwhatsapp consist of some salient features which are absent in simple whatsapp messenger. Do u guys ever try to use two Whatsapp account in a single Phone ? You are not allowed to use dual Whatsapp account in simple Whatsapp messenger apk. But Gbwhatsapp provide you with the feature to use dual Whatsapp account. You can use Gbwhatsapp and Whatsapp Messenger in a single phone at the same time without any issue. I am also using two dual whatsapp account in my mobile. Best feature of Gbwhatsapp Apk is that you don’t need rooting permission for Gbwhatsapp installation. It works well in both root and non-root devices. In short, If you want to have access to premium and hidden features of Whatsapp then you have to download the Gbwhatsapp apk in your device. I bet you can’t stop yourself from downloading Gbwhatsapp after reading this post. One more interesting feature of Gbwhatsapp, You can view the media without downloading them. It’s really amazed me. Not only this you can also set 24/7 online status on whatsapp. All other fetaures of Gbwhatsapp would be discussed in the upcoming para.

Gbwhatsapp Version Information

Important Tip : Before downloading any apk file, Don’t forget to check the version information to know whether this version is compatible with your smartphone or not !

Read the full version information of Gbwhatsapp apk before downloading it. Here is the full detail about this apk :

  • Application Name : Gbwhatsapp
  • Size : 40 MB
  • Version : 6.25 [ 2018 ]
  • Root access: Not required
  • Developed by : Omar
  • Category : Wa Mods
  • Android Requirement : 4.0 +
  • Downloads : 1 Billion+

GbWhatsApp APK Latest

NOTE: Do Not Download It Before Reading The Installation Guide Below

   Download GBWhatsApp Now



App Size34.9 MB

Root RequiredNo

CategoryWA Mods


RequiredAndroid 4.0 +

Downloads6,000,000 +

Main TaskExtra Features

Last Updated17 Feb, 2018

Gb WhatsApp Download Latest Version [Installation Guide]

You Can Not Install It With Few Clicks. You need to do some settings on your Android Device Before Installing if you not Follow these Steps Then you cannot Install GB WhatsApp On Your Android Device So Please Read The Full Steps Very carefully to Install GbWhatsApp On Your Android Device.

Recommended – WhatsApp Group Links & WhatsApp Group Names

  • First Of All Go To The Android Device Settings
  • Then Go to The Security
  • And Turn On Unknown Sources

Now Download The GB WhatsApp APK File


GB WhatsApp APK Download


GB WhatsApp APK Latest


Download GbWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android


Download Latest Version Of Gb WhatsApp


GbWhatsApp 2018

WhatsApp GB Android (Permissions)

  • Send & Receive SMS
  • Kill Background Tasks
  • Mic
  • Camera
  • Internet Location
  • Contacts
  • WiFi Storage
  • Vibration
  • Bluetooth

Latest GbWhatsApp 6.13 Features

  • Auto BOT Reply Feature
  • New Style Chat Bubbles Blue Tick
  • Amazing Features For Group Admins
  • You Can Disable Internet For GBWhatsApp
  • Schedule Messages Of WhatsApp
  • You Can Hide Your Status
  • You Can Hide Your Chats
  • New Fantastic Emojis
  • Video Calling Is Now Working
  • Send Videos Up to 50 MB
  • Set Group Name Up to 30 characters
  • Hide Your Last Seen, Blue Tiks, Typing Etc.
  • You Can Copy Others Status
  • You Can Broadcast Upto 600 Peoples
  • You can put status of 255 characters instead of 139 characters without any issues
  • 100+ Language Supports
  • You Can Change Theme Very Quickly
  • MOD To Stay Inline For 24 Hrs
  • Create Your Own Theme And Submit To GBWhatsApp
  • Send Images Upto 90 Instead of 10
  • You Can Add Lock On Your WhatsApp Without Using Those Shitty Locker Apps With ADS 😛
  • Block Call
  • You Disable voice calling if you want.
  • Hide Last Seen From Selected Contacts
  • Open links without saving the admin and contact numbers.

GbWhatsApp For PC/Windows

  1. First Of All You Need To Download Android Emulator On Your PC I would Like To Suggest You To Download Blue Stacks This is One of the Most Popular And Best Android Emulator Download Here
  2. Once You Landed On Bluestacks Page Hit The DOwnload Button
  3. Once Exe File Downloaded Simply Open it Up
  4. Click On Next
  5. Now The Installation Process Will Finish In Few Seconds
  6. Once The Installation Process Done Launch It
  7. Select Your Language
  8. Setup Your Gmail
  9. Once All The Process Done Click On Install An Apk
  10. Now you will be prompted to select the .apk file. Point to the location where you downloaded “GBWhatsApp.apk” file and click “Open” to install it in your Windows PC.
  11. Open GbWhatsApp
  12. Setup GbWa With Your Mobile Number And Other Details
  13. That’s All 😀

How To Migrate WhatsApp To Gb WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Go to The settings
  • Now Tap On Chats Option
  • Now Click On Chats Backup
  • Now Press On backup
  • Enter Your Mobile Number
  • Click On Restore
  • That’s It Now It Will Take Some time For The Backup.

FAQ about Gbwhatsapp

I know you guys have few doubts in your mind related to Gbwhatsapp. Don’t worry friend’s as we have added almost all main queries in this FAQ section. Please go through it once to resolve your query regarding this whatsapp MOD. Almost all common question about Whatsapp GB has been added in this section. Lets have a look at this :

#1 What is Difference b/w Gbwhatsapp and Whatsapp Messenger ?

Ans : Gbwhatsapp is the modded vrrvers of whatsapp messenger. It is enriched with all advance features of Whatsapp Messenger. All premium features of whatsapp are unlocked in this modded apk. If you are rid of limitations in Whatsapp Messenger then must download the Gbwhatsapp latest version 6.30 apk. We have also added the Gbwhatsapp download link for Android. What are you waiting for ! Download the Modded Apk of Whatsapp and Enjoy 🙂

#2 How to install Gbwhatsapp in our phone ?

Ans : We have added the detailed Installation Guide of Gbwhatsapp in the above para. Please read that section once. we have added the guide with screenshots too which made it easier to understand the installation process.

Still You have any doubt ! Don’t forget to shot your queries in the comment section. we are happy to hear from you guys. Leave your queries using comment box below. Our team will reply you soon within few hours.

#3 Can i use simple whatsapp messenger with the GB Whatsapp Modded apk ?

Ans : Yes, you can use both simple whatsapp messenger and Gb whatsapp in your phone. Personally, I m also using two whatsapp at a same time in my single device. It is better to use one whatsapp account for our office work and other whatsapp account for personal work.

Download Gbwhatsapp apk from above link and enjoy the feature of dual whatsapp account..!!

#4 Does Gbwhatsapp apk contains virus ?

I know many of you guys thinking that any application apk file contains virus. Yes ! you are true but not in every case. Many of the sites which claims that they have added virus free download link of Gbwhatsapp are fake sites. These sites have added the fake download link in b/w affiliate links. Yaa, there are still few sites which are ranking in first page of Google have added the direct download link of Gbwhatsapp but they have hide the main link in between fake pop ads.

Make sure to check whether the apk file is mailcious or not. Why waste your time in checking the virus download link as we have added the one click genuine Gbwhatsapp apk Download link. Our link is free from virus and malware. Feel safe and free to download Gbwhatsapp.

#5 Can you use Gbwhatsapp in your iPhone ?

Ans : Sorry to say that but Gbwhatsapp for iOS is not yet available. You cannot use this modded apk in your iPhone.

Our team is working on the project of Gbwhatsapp for iOS. We will launched this apk soon. Stay tuned with us for any future updates.

We will soon update this post with Gbwhatsapp for iPhone Download link. You can also bookmark this page to get notified about each and every peice of updated information.

#6 Does Gbwhatsapp support password protection?

Ans : No one want to show their personal chats to others. For that purpose you need to protect your whatsapp with the password. This privacy is not available on simple whatsapp messenger.

Best part is that Gbwhatsapp support password protection in thier operating system. You can easily set your password in Gbwhatsapp.

Here is the guide to set password in Gbwhatsapp ?

  • First of all, Download Gbwhatsapp 6.0 apk from above link
  • Make sure that you have allow the “Unknown Sources” application option in your phone setting
  • Install the apk and open it in your phone
  • Next move to Gbwhatsapp setting by clicking the three dots on the top
  • Now Hit the account setting option there
  • There’s you will find privacy option
  • Next click on password option
  • Fill your password twice in the given column of New password and confirm password
  • Voila ! You have successfully added password in your Gbwhatsapp
  • Now no one can see your chat without your permission
  • Enjoy 💝

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How to install Gbwhatsapp without losing your important chats and Media?

No one want to loose their chats with our friends and loved ones. Also most of us share important document on whatsapp. Main point is that you need to take backup of your chats weekly or monthly as per your convenience.

Note : Firstly, You have to download the latest backup from your old whatsapp account. For that, Move to your whatsapp settings then go to backup and restore option. This backup file contains all your important chats and media which you have shared on whatsapp. Here, You can download your whatsapp backup !!

Here we are going to share the simplest guide using which you can install Gbwhatsapp without loosing your important chats. Read the below guide to know more :

  • First of all, Download Gbwhatsapp 6.0 apk from above link
  • Next install the apk in your phone
  • Open the Gbwhatsapp app
  • Hit the agree now button
  • Next give access to Gbwhatsapp to your contact and media
  • You can also skip these processes
  • Next move to Gbwhatsapp setting
  • Go to backup and restore option
  • Hit the restore button there
  • Now it will ask you to upload the file
  • Upload the backup file which you have download from your previous whatsapp account
  • Eureka ! You have successfully restore your whatsapp chats and media in Gbwhatsapp
  • Enjoy ❣️

Final Words

We have shared the latest Gbwhatsapp v6.0 apk download link. we must recommend you to download this modded apk from our site. We have also added Gbwhatsapp for Android Download link in the post.

Must share your experiences ofof Gbwhatsapp with us in the comment section. If you have any extra information about Gbwhatsapp apk then you can also share it with us using comment section. We are thankful to you for this participation.

If you are searching for any other whatsapp mod then please let us know in comment section. we will add the Modded apk of whatsapp for you.

Stay tuned with us for more such paid and premium stuffs. Keep visiting !!

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